how to write good content for website

How to Write Good Content for Website

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How to Write Good Content for Website

What will you learn in this article

  • why quality content is crucial when it comes to search engine rankings
  • how to write good content for website
  • how to publish good content without writing it
how to write good content for website

How to write good content for website

Good quality content plays very important role when it comes to the success of your blog. If you write long posts that aren’t easy to read, or don’t offer good value people, they are not going read all of it. They just gonna go through first the few lines and give up and leave.

Every piece of content you write has competition. There are tens, if not hundreds of posts on any topic. So your posts need to stand out. They need to captivate your reader. Getting them interested on the first few lines and not letting them go till the very last word.

You can be getting huge amount of traffic, but if your content isn’t interesting enough it’s useless. And on top of that, Google knows how long it’s users are staying on your posts. So if your content is 1500 words long, but people only stay on average a minute or so, Google knows that you are not providing quality information and that can affect your ranking. It actually “will” rather than “can”.

Write for people! Not search engines!

The days of over-optimising your content for search engines are gone. You can still rank for low competition keywords, and it does make a big difference, but Google cares more about the value you provide to it’s users.

Give people what they are looking for and Google will love you for that. And if Google loves you, you’re on the right path to success.

how to write good content for website

Write original content

Your content must be original. If you copy someone else’s work, Google will punish you. Google will drop you in their rankings so low that no one will find you. They can even remove you website from their search engine results.

This may sound a bit scary, but actually it’s not that bad at all. Google will reward you for hard work. Write original and valuable content and you’ll see your posts climbing up in search engine rankings.

So, don’t be lazy. Don’t copy other’s people work. You can still use for inspiration, but put your own spin on it.

Include images

People like images. Images can help illustrate your point and help to break up the text into smaller bits. We are getting lazy these days and nobody wants to read a long page filled with text. We want as much information as possible for as little reading as possible. Including images, infographics and videos helps to make your posts less intimidating.

Captivate your reader above the fold

What does above the fold mean? Above the fold is simply the part of the content your reader sees before having to scroll down. If that part of your post doesn’t catch their interest they will hit that back button before even giving your post a chance. At least some will do.

One of the best ways you can utilise the above the fold part of your post is to summarize what your article is about. By letting your reader know what they will learn beforehand, you are increasing the probability of them staying for longer and actually reading all of it.

how to write good content for website

Keep it simple

You may think that by using fancy words and writing long paragraphs, people will think of you as an expert in your field and will trust you and read every word you write.


You need to write content that is easy to understand and down to the point. Don’t try to show of with your writing and language skills.

Don’t use long paragraphs. It makes it too much work to read and most people will just simply give up and go somewhere else.

Don’t use fancy words. If your reader doesn’t understand your writing, what’s the point? Internet isn’t just for highly educated people. It’s for everyone!

Remember you are not writing a novel. People are not reading your content to pass the time (most of the times). Your readers are after information. Simply provide that in a friendly, interesting and easy to read form and you’ll keep most happy and wanting more.

Make use of catchy headlines

how to write good content for website

Lot of people these days scan a page quickly before deciding whether it’s worth their time or not. That’s why your headlines need to stand out and tempt your potential reader into wanting to read more.

Use headlines that relate to your content and make your reader (scanner in this case) wanting to learn what you are offering.

Update frequently

Google loves frequently updated websites and blogs. By publishing new content at least once a week, Google will see you website as active. And active websites and blogs are prioritized in Google’s search result pages.

So let Google know that you are going keep on delivering good quality content to it’s users by publishing new content frequently.

If you think that sounds like a whole lot of work and you don’t have the time to write new articles every week, I have a great tip that could save you a lot of time.

How to write good content for website without writing it

It’s never been easier to hire a writer to write some posts for you. There is plenty of websites that offer these services, but probably the best known one is If You’re not familiar with, it’s a marketplace where people can offer their skills to people like you or me. There are people that are great at writing and for a small fee they will write you an article on any topic. And as the name suggests, prices start at just $5.

I have used for some of my affiliates sites with great success. And it saved me a lot of time. It’s not something I would do for a website I’m passionate about, like this one, but if you’re in content marketing and need more articles to target  keywords using sites like is a great time saver.

You just decide which keyword you want to target, topic for your article and finally a person who will write it for you. That’s it.

Hopefully you found this article informing and hopefully now you know how to write good content for website.

If you are new to all this, I would recommend you read my Wealthy Affiliate review, as that can help you get started with your online success.

If you have any questions or comments whatsoever, please leave them in the comment section bellow and I promise to reply ASAP.

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  1. Thanks for the tips – I particularly like the “Write for People, not search engines” and “Captivate the reader above the fold” sections.

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      Thanks for your comment. People often forget who they actually write for these days.
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  2. Hello Mike. This is an impressive and informative article about writing good content for a website. It is not easy to write a good content. You can include your emotion in your article and that is very good, that mean you are not only open my mind but also touch my heart in the part “google will punish you and drop you so your ranking is so low and noone will find your website”. My favourite is the new info ( for me)
    about Fiverr. Definitely I will learn it. Thank you for writing this article.

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