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My Online Business Empire (MOBE) and Their 21 Step System Scam!

In this article I will share with you my experience with My Online Business Empire (MOBE) 21 Step System training program. It could save you a lot of money and disappointment if you are thinking about joining.

I have purchased many different training programs over the years. So I thought that I can spot a scam when I see one. Boy was I wrong!

I have started learning about affiliate marketing and other ways to make money online about a year ago. I have purchased quite few training programs, and I did get a decent educational value out of most of them. Most of them, certainly not all of them.

I found out about MOBE 21 step system program through a well known blogger John Chow and his blog I do visit every now and then to read some posts on traffic, SEO, etc. In the top menu on his page there is “Make money” category.

Due to the quality of content on his blog I felt like I could trust him. At least to a certain degree. So I thought, if John is sharing great tips on blogging with me and thousands of others, he wouldn’t recommend a scam, would he? Well turns out he would.

So when you click on “Make Money”, you are redirected from his blog to his MOBE affiliate landing page. You can have a look for yourself: link to his landing page.

That landing page itself should have been enough for the scam alarm in my head to go off. Unfortunately it wasn’t. I thought that for $49 it’s worth a try as I was sure I’ll get some value out of the training and learn something new.

So what did I learn you ask? I learned that MOBE 21Step System program is just a way to recruit more naive people into this pyramid scheme. And I was one of them. And I actually went through 7 out of those 21 steps before I realized what is really going on.

So what is MOBE and what was my experience like?

MOBE is an online education company that specializes in teaching business. Their products range from few dollars to few thousand dollars. One of their courses is the 21 Step System training program. So lets begin.

I purchased the program for $49. From what I learned from John Chow about this program it seemed like a really good price for a course that could teach me how to get into high ticket affiliate marketing.

And that is the main thing about this program. High ticket (really expensive) products. You sell cheaper product to a customer and after that they will follow up and try to sell them more expensive product and you will get a commission from that as well. In theory that sound amazing. I haven’t really heard about another company that would pay a commission from sales after the initial sale.

So where is the catch? I’ll get to it in a bit.

After paying for the course I had to fill in an application form, which I was told will determine whether I’m accepted or rejected. Surprise surprise, I was accepted (just like everyone else).

Then I received an email from my personal Coach Sebastian. I’m not going to include his surname. Just in case. But you can watch one his YouTube videos HERE.

Bellow is the email he sent me.

So I made a skype appointment with him for next day. He asked me a few questions about my background and my financial goals. He was friendly, chatty, and I have to admit that conversation got me pretty hyped up about this program. I was foolish.

As the name of the program suggests, it consists of 21 lessons, or steps. After our initial skype call, Sebastian unlocked first two steps for me. He suggested that I go through those two video lessons that same day and schedule another skype call with him day after.

Just like the first skype call, Sebastian was friendly and enthusiastic about their system. He asked if I can see the potential of this program. I said that I do, and that it’s brilliant that MOBE is willing to pay me a commission from anything they sell to a customer I send their way. I also told Sebastian that I have been looking to get into high ticket affiliate marketing for a while now, as the potential profits are much greater. It really does make sense in a way. Instead of trying to sell hundreds of products at a smaller price (and smaller commission), it just made sense to sell few expensive ones instead.

So to sum up the benefits:
  • you will get commission from any sale for a customers lifetime

  • they will try and sell them lot more expensive programs, so you get paid more

  • tested funnels will turn your leads into buyers

  • you don’t have to do anything after you send leads. They will do all the additional selling for you

All that sounds absolutely amazing. But here’s the catch. And it’s a big one…

In order to be able to promote or even get commission from those high ticket items, you need to buy them yourself first! Which makes this program a pyramid scheme!

I learned this in step 6 and 7. I also learned that in order to continue the program effectively I need to purchase their Silver Masterclass for just under $2500! There was no mention about having to spend more money when I purchased the 21 Step System course, nor it was mentioned in steps 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. I have to admit, it was a massive shock! I could not believe my own naivety.

Why do I think this program is a Pyramid scheme?

You have to buy something yourself in order to sell it. So after you buy you are forced to recruit more people to buy the same product, so you can get your money back. And those people you sell the products to have to do exactly the same. And that is a pyramid scheme!

After I finished lessons (step) 6 and 7 I was supposed to book an 30 minutes skype appointment with Sebastian. All the previous calls were only 5 minutes appointments. Clearly, he wanted to have enough time to talk me into buying the Silver Masterclass for $2500. But instead of scheduling a skype appointment I sent him an email, which is included bellow.

I did not let him know that I realized that this whole was just a way to scam me and then make me scam even more people. I was really interested to see what he’s got to say. His reply is bellow.

After which I replied that there is no way I can afford to pay that sort of money at the moment and if I can carry on without spending any more money. Remember the course was $49 and there was no mention about any other fees or payments that were required. John Chow actually wrote on his page, that it’s only $49 and that’s it. What a Liar!

Bellow is his reply.

He was actually trying to get me in debt, just so he can get his commission. I am actually wondering how he got started in this scam. Was he on it from day one, or was he scammed into it just like thousands of others. 

The Verdict

Stay Away From MOBE 21 Step System!!! It’s a scam!!!

Seriously though, if you read this whole article, it should not be a surprise to you that there is no way in hell I’m going to recommend you this program. When anyone tells you that you can make tens of thousands with minimum effort, it is a scam. Simple as that. I’m sure there are people that actually profit from this. But they are not providing any value to people. It’s a pyramid scheme that will have you recruit more and more people who will have to do exactly the same. You will have to spend thousands to even have the option to potentially make any decent money. And there is absolutely no guarantee that you will.

There are legitimate ways to make money online as an affiliate marketer. Bellow i include links to two of them. One is Deadbeat Super Affiliate training, which is the one i took and it was the one that helped me get started in affiliate marketing. On top of that it’s only $17 and you do not have to invest more money into it. 

The second is Wealthy Affiliate. You can start for free! And there is a lots of training and easy to follow tutorials. I have only started with Wealthy Affiliates fairly recently, so there will be a full review here in the near future.

I would love to know what you think, so comment bellow and i will be happy to answer any questions you may have.