seo acronyms

SEO Acronyms

ASArticle Submission
Application Program Interface
Business to Business
Business to Consumer

Cost Per Click
CTRClick Through Rate
CTAContent Targeted Advertising
CPMCost Per Thousand
CPA Cost Per Action
CPLCost Per Lead
CROConversion Rate Optimization
CGI Common Gateway Interface
CMSContent Management System
CSSCascading Style Sheets
CSEComparison Shopping Engine/Custom Search Engine
CPVCost Per View
COA Cost of Acquisition
DSDirectory Submission
DLRDeep Link Ratio
DKIDynamic Keyword Insertion
DLPDirectory Listings Page
DNSDomain Name Server
DMCADigital Millennium Copyright Act
DMOZ Directory – Mozilla
DFOData Feed Optimization
DRPsDirectory Results Pages
DSRPDirectory Search Results Page
DMMDigital Media Marketing
EMDExact Match Domain
ECPCEnhanced Cost Per Click
FCP Frequently Cached Page
G+ Google Plus
GISGoogle Image Search
GASGuaranteed Article Submission
GDSGuaranteed Directory Submission
GWTGoogle Webmaster Tools
GYMGoogle Yahoo MSN
HTMLHypertext Markup Language
HTTPHyper Text Transfer Protocol
HTTPSHypertext Transfer Protocol Secure
IMInternet Marketing
IPInternet Protocol (Address)
IDFInverse Document Frequency
IBLIn Bound Links
KDAKeyword Density Analyzer
KEIKeyword Effectiveness Index
LBLink Building
LSALatent Semantic Analysis
LSI Latent Semantic Indexing
LPOLanding Page Optimization
MTOMeta Tags Optimization
MCPModerately Cached Page
NSEO Negative SEO
OBLOutBound Link
OWBLOne Way Back Link
ODPOpen Directory Project
ORMOnline Reputation Management
OSE Open Site Explorer
PRPage Rank
PPCPay Per Click
PHPPHP Hypertext Preprocessor
PDFPortable Document Format
PFIPay For Inclusion
PFLPaid For Listings
P4PPaid For Placement
PPRPay Per Rank
PPVPay Per Visitor
PPPPay Per Post
ROIReturn on Investment
RIRegular Index
RSS Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary
RTL Regional Long Tail
RTBReal Time Bidding
PFPPay for Performance
SESearch Engine
SBSocial Bookmarking
SISupplemental Index
SEOSearch Engine Optimization
SEMSearch Engine Marketing
SERSearch Engine Ranking
SMOSocial Media Optimization
SMMSocial Media Marketing
SMBSmall and Medium Businesses
SMEsSmall And Medium-Sized Enterprises
SESSearch Engine Strategies
SERMSearch Engine Results Management
STWSearch The Web
SERPSearch Engine Results Page
SRMSearch Reputation Management
SSIServer Side Includes
SEWSearch Engine Watch
SEPSearch Engine Positioning
SNSSocial Networking Service
SWLSite Wide Link
SEMPOSearch Engine Marketing Professional Organization
TLPTop Level Page
TLAText Link Ads
TRTrust Rank
URLUniform Resource Locator
UGCUser Generated Content
UXUser Experience
VSVideo Submission
VIPSVisual-block Page Segmentation
W3CWorld Wide Web Consortium
XMLExtensible Markup Language
XHTMLExtensible HyperText Markup Language